Record Your Calls!

Automatic and centralized recording of telephone calls at businesses, offices and other organisations becomes more and more common.

Checktel offers a range of products to facilitate automatic call recording, independent of telephony provider, telephone equipment or network connection.
Recorded calls are saved on a server owned by the user in contrary to “in the Cloud”, in order to guaranty maximum safety to prevent misuse.
Both incoming and outgoing calls can be recorded. Each call is saved in it’s own digital sound file.

This enables you to retrieve any conversation in a few seconds, and to replay it instantly or at any time you wish. The speakers’ voices are reproduced separately (stereo – 2.0), in high-quality sound. Just like any other computer file, the telephone conversations can be categorised and archived in a variety of ways.
You can copy critical conversations to a CD-ROM / USB stick for replay on dedicated sound reproducing equipment. Of course you can also send the files as email attachments, or save them in combination with text, image or fax or email files.

Fully automatic
There are various methods to record telephone conversations, but most are very time-consuming and require a great deal of effort before yielding that one important telephone call you were looking for. The incidental recording of telephone conversations is a very laborious task that requires considerable technical skill. An additional problem is that you cannot always tell whether a particular telephone call is going to be important.

The Checktel products eliminates all those obstacles immediately, and automatically records every single conversation. Afterwards you can decide whether particular calls were important enough to save. Also, the system can be set to store the recorded calls for a particular period of time, and erase them when this period has elapsed.

Telephone network and VoIP
The Checktel system can be used for recoding telephone calls from both the traditional telephone network as well as telephone calls made over an IP network/internet. Therefore two basic versions exists: ISDN 2 Voice (ISDN to Voice) for the telephone network and SIP 2 Voice (SIP to Voice) for IP based calls. See for further information the product websites: and

Easy to install
These products offer a out of the box call recording solution. All that is needed is contained in one package.
You will be up and running in 15 minutes, really!!

In order to use the Checktel products, a wired telephone connection, either ISDN or internet VoIP/SIP must be present, as well as a computer of server running the Windows operating system.